A Penguin In The Ice (2011)


This one was planned as a demo album for the very talented and lovely Stephanie Grünberger, who also worked with me on Cybe, so she’d have something that shows off her singing. I already had a couple of ideas for songs ready when we decided to do this album, so I started writing vocal parts for her, she gave me a bunch of lyrics and we tried to fit everything together. For some unexplained reason we then came up with the whole penguin thing, and so we got us a bit of story into the album.

The story is about a young penguin who gains humanlike consciousness and falls into a dreamlike state in which he gets confronted with various different situations in the human world.

Musically it’s a broad mix of styles, going from rather soft and melodic rock to screaming metal to psychedelic chaos. It isn’t based around a single mood, like Cybe, but changes in mood and feel as the story progresses.

Since Stephanie and I worked out the album together, instead of her just singing her parts and me doing everything else on my own, I thought it was just fitting to give it it’s own project title – the “Pen Gwyn Project”, Pen Gwyn being welsh for “white head” and the assumed origin of the word “penguin”. (See, it’s clever since it’s about a penguin and… I.. I’ll shut up now)


Inspiration, vocals and additional lyrics: Stephanie Grünberger

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