Derangements (2013)


My (completely solo and completely instrumental) first steps in the wonderful world of Jazz!

Song list:

  1. Nostalgia (5:15)
  2. Sandy Interlude (1:53)
  3. Road Dirt (6:57)
  4. A Step Back (3:56)
  5. Mother Knows Best (4:15)
  6. Dan’s Lounge (3:07)
  7. Chasing The Maniac (5:25)
  8. S2 (7:15)
  9. Wooden Scream (7:33)

The music ranges from upbeat, swing-esque songs to slow and melancholic tunes, and you’ll surely find some Rock and even Video Game Soundtrack influences in there!

Check out the trailer: Click me

First Song (full): Click me

Get the full album now as a direct MP3 (320 kb/s) download for only 9€ here!




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