Fortuitous Emanations (2009-now)


Ok, this ain’t a traditional album. It’s a collection of improvisations, songs that didn’t fit on any album I was doing at the time I wrote them, experiments, and other things that came up here and there, mostly during working on other projects. Naturally, I’ll add more and more songs to this collection as they come up over time.

I added the genres as I see them to the songs, so you might have an easier time finding something that fits your mood.



The Frog (Ambient)
Hippierock (Instrumental Rock)


Lis (Ambient)
Gravija (Instrumental Doom)
Jazz Room (Progressive Rock) [crazy background voices by Stephanie Grünberger]


Psyche (Ambient)


Ancient (Ambient/Soundtrack)
Fatman’s Progstation (Progressive Rock) [Additional vocals, lyrics and guitars by János Krusenbaum] Lyrics
Veriax’ Theme (Classical) [original piano theme composed and played by SuperKikoni]
Swirl (Ambient)
Shutter (Instrumental Rock)


Affairs Of A Kingdom (Classical) [once again, piano composed and played by SuperKikoni]

Saturday Stroll Along The City Streets (Jazz/Ambient)

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