Quartet Of Creations (2013)


Alright, this little album here was basically made to get me started with music again, after a two year pause, during which I wrote a lot, but didn’t really release anything big. It doesn’t have an overarching story or concept – it’s just four songs I enjoyed making.

Parliament Of Owls (Lyrics): Heavy guitar riffs and drums, backed up by an orchestra and pierced by clear vocals. Once again, Stephanie Grünberger and János Krusenbaum helped me realising this beast by lending me their brilliant vocal talents. János also played that lovely piano solo near the end of the song, and even helped me with additional guitar work!

Small Beach At Night: Now, after the complex one we have a rather simplistic instrumental rock piece. While writing this song I always had the feeling that the melody reminded me of something, but I didn’t exactly knew of what. As it turned out it was the song “A Smaller God” by Darling Violetta – which was part of the soundtrack to the (amazing!) PC game “Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines”. I never listened to the song on its own back then, but it had a really great feel to it, so I guess I was thinking of that when I wrote Small Beach.

Forest: One of my many tries of getting more funk into my music. It didn’t really work out like I originally wanted, but in the end the song turned out pretty nice (at least in my opinion), so here we have it. I’d call it ambient rock, if there is such a thing – it’s pretty soft, no distorted guitar, no heavy drumming, but still groovy, very much based on atmosphere and mood, with a few changes in style and feel here and there. Also there are flutes, and flutes are always a good thing, right? ;)

Dark Forest Road: This little ambient piano piece was a lot of fun to do. I wrote it in one sitting during the night, around 2 in the morning. There are no real melodies or rhythms, it’s all about atmosphere. It was very relaxing to have such a simple piece of music after working on Parliament for weeks. The song also fits together with Forest, and I’d really like to do a little video for those two, once I find the time to do it.

Backing Vocals (“Parliament Of Owls”): Stephanie Grünberger
Lead Vocals, Piano Solo, additional Guitars (“Parliament Of Owls”): János Krusenbaum

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